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[QUOTE] I think he likes the attention, maybe I am not giving him enough lately... I admit.. I have been extremely busy with school and work, and giving him little time.. I am bad at paying attention to him, esp. while working.... and when he does not want attention I seem to give it.. ugh... I do not know..[/QUOTE]

You're not his mommy, it is not your job to shower him with attention and coddle him. If you are really busy, he should understand that. You're both busy adults. How are you supposed to pay attention to him while you're working?

Here is the picture I am starting to get - your boyfriend obviously is very used to loads of adoring female attention, and feeling like quite the ladies man. He must have done a good job of leading these women on, if they could be so totally crushed by his having a girlfriend. Are you sure he was not involved with these girls at one time? To refuse to come to a party where you are, to run off in tears upon seeing him kiss doesn't sound like they were merely friends. I've had some guy friends in my past I was attracted to, but seeing them with girlfriends wouldn't propel me into hysterics...unless we had some kind of history.

It is a good sign that he hasn't been the one calling this woman, but the fact that he is still communicating with her when she calls him still stucks. What a hypocrite, you have stopped talking to male friends of yours that he did not like, but he gets all defensive when you ask him to quit talking to this predatory woman? Angel, please start doing whatever you want. Don't let him tell you who you can and cannot talk to.

Look. It is obvious that you cannot get him to stop talking to this woman. He probably gets off on leading people on. So what you do is either accept that it is happening and stop bugging him about it, or else leave him, forcing him once and for all to choose between you and this "friend."

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