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Honesty honesty honesty...if you don't have trust, you have nothing! I would never stay in a marriage again knowing that my spouse had cheated on me...been there, don't that! So fidelity...I have to 100% agree! I feel like my whole marriage was based on a husband had me convinced that he had only been in a one night stand with someone(and the only reason he admitted to that is because I knew a woman had been in my house) and we were having troubles at the time...his drinking and staying out to all hours...then come to find out some 20 years later that he had had a long affair with this woman and was going to leave me for her but decided to chose me over her...OH lucky me! NOT! He clamed there was never another time that he cheated on me after that affair ended but he wouldn't admit it in a million years if there had been anyway.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Right... from the wife:

Possess excellent cookery skills
Harbour minimal career ambitions
Speak only when spoken to
Provide at least one son
Have no mother

No, I'm messing with ya! :D Here's my real Top Five, which applies to both husband and wife:

[B]Passion[/B] (encompassing love, friendship, attraction, and common interest)
[B]Communication[/B] (implies honesty)
[B]Co-operation[/B] (reflects equality)

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