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Re: Insecurities
Feb 27, 2006 need to talk to him when you both havent had an argument of disagreement for sometime so youre both feeling good and comfortable...tell him you love him...and be patient with him because im sure hes not having a good time either. this may take a few attempts.
im not saying you are, but dont take this out on him because its more a problem with your own insecurities...
lola- please try to control yourself may be difficult but try to stop yourself from being jealous, insted of looking at other girls around you, look into your boyfriends eyes and feel the need to make him feel wanted and in return he shouldm ake you feel wanted and not like youre always out to find faults and him little present perhaps? show him its not all about you you you
please dont lose him because if you continue like this i think you will and itll be too late to put tings right- you deserve him so dnt lose him!
dont panick, just be patient, be calm, think of your love for him and think about this- if he didnt want to be with you, if he wanted to be with someone else, then he would...
be more confidant girl!

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