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Is there anything about this situation that's OK? I don't think so! My BF lived with a woman that he thought was his GF for about 12 years...the entire time they were together, she had an affair with another man...bringing him over to their house when he was at work supporting her as she never worked! She must have been one heck of a liar as he never knew it. Finally the other man stopped wanting to be with her, I guess he finally figured out that she wasn't going to leave this nest egg she had so he finally broke it off with her. Otherwise she would have just kept on and on with this charade. Talk about having your cake and eat it too! I think that this is probably what happened to your BF, this other woman finally said "enough is enough" or she finally found out about you and told him to get lost. You have only wasted one year with this liar...don't waste another second!

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