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Hi, I have used online dating several times.
Once I meet a guy on there I liked, I stopped contacting all other members till I knew how we would turn out. So, at first, I picked a guy I thought was cute, etc. We got along good via email, then later the phone and web came and after about 7 months we met (we took so long to meet because he was in a different country). Well, if I had just met him earlier, I would have known right away that he was not the one. He was different in "real life" than on the phone and web cam. Looked much different too.

Our second day together, we did not get along at all and I was stuck in another country for 2 weeks! So, i tried to make the best of it but he was just a negative, angry type of person who would insult anyone for no reason. He NEVER showed this side to me before we met and I put 7 months into getting to know him before this! Big waste of time and effort!

Well, after that I didn't trust anything too much till AFTER I met and spent some time with the person. So, with the second person, he was cute, funny, we clicked (online) so, after 2 weeks of seeing him on web cam, emailing and talking on the phone, I met him. He was about 15 years older than he let on to be so, you can't always tell even through web cam! He turned out to have some very odd quirks that I never noticed online. Such as compulsive snapping his fingers "constantly" as fast as he could no matter where or what we were doing which drove me nuts (and I'm pretty laid back and easy to get along with according to friends and family).
Plus this guy tried to have sex with me right away. Even though he was sweet and played the whole like you so much, something special about you, true love for us game while online, he too was much different in real life.

I was getting tired of all this at this point so, after some time decided to go at it again but wiser and more watchful... So I found my 3rd guy who I got along with soooooooo well!
He was such a sweet and thoughtful person. I just knew he was the one! After about 3 months of keeping in touch, him sending me sweet poems, etc., we met at a hotel (we had different rooms though).
All was great! He was perfect and so into ME! So much so that I decided to take him to my house (i live with my brother so, I knew I'd be safe) and as soon as we pulled up to my house, he changed his personality, attitued, everything. (i'm not rich, by the way, not broke either.. nor did I advertise myself to be rich) This guy was eager to go around my town and see where all the cool places were and all the hot spots.
Then he wanted to go to the airport to get a rental car (he said so he could see some sites or do shopping if he wanted). So, I took him to do all these things.
We went back to the hotel and he tried to have sex with me. I wouldn't. Then the truth came out of his mouth! He insulted me, said I did not have enough money to take care of him (i thought he had a great job, by the way, because he had said so all along). He said that he can't move here (i NEVER ask him to or ever implied it - heck, I was just meeting him for the first time!) and he said that if I had my own business or more money he would have me! I once again had met a DUD! Even with careful planning and inspection.
I went home. Later I went out with my brother and ran into this guy and he was hitting on everyone!!! Telling them bad things about me that were not true (this was in my home town!)- I found out later that this guy was married and his wife was at home pregnant and thinking he was away on business!!! I could have died right there!

So, I didn't date online for a year or so and then tried it yet once again recently.
The next guy was older than I was looking for but he had everything else going for him that I was looking for and we got along great! We decided to meet in one week because we had both met crazy people from online and didn't want to waste much time till we knew for sure after meeting.
So we met for a date. We really hit it off. He was so easy to talk to, very attractive, smart, funny, both wanted the same things, etc... We had a great date!
Then I went to meet him in his city. He had a very clean, organized home, great cook, loads of fun, great friends, great family. I thought I'd died and went to heaven!!! Then I laid the towell I had on my hair into the bathroom floor (because there was no where to hang it oddly enough and I needed to dry my hair) then he walks by and see's it in the floor. He flipped out! Said that things are not meant to be in the floor, everything has it's place and it's not acceptable, bla bla bla.... You would have thought I'd have taken a crap in the floor by how bad he was freaking out. I could see right away WHY his place was overly perfect. He was so rude to me at that point and couldn't understand why I didn't think it was a big deal. I told him to relax a bit and he said he was very easy going and not obsessive at all so, I wadded up a sheet of paper and tossed it to the other side of the room.... he went running after it like it was a million bucks! I told him, SEE, you are toooooo anal and need to loooosseenn up for GOD's sake! So the rest of the time he was following me around like I was a 2 year old, nit picking everything I did! I had to get out of there before that guy picked me appart!

So, I tried one last time to find Mr. right online and again met someone great, who claimed they were not keeping in touch with anyone else after finding me and he just knew we would be great together (and we did get along really well). BUT this time I took a different rout in order to find out the truth.

I opened up a second user account (a fake one as bait). I made sure the girls photo I used was good looking and similar to me because this guy seemed to have a "type". The dating site I was on had a chat service the members could use so, I stayed logged on and showed him interest when I knew he was online and he took the bait right away- chatting my fake girl up!

I called him to see what he would tell me he was doing while he was online chatting to this fake person I made up and he told me he had to run to the store and would call me back... I said ok and then continued to chat with him online with my fake account to see what he would say and so on. He believed this girl was real (really it was me). He ended up saying almost word for word the exact thing he said to "catch" me.
Then said he had not found anyone on the site he liked yet till he saw her and that he was wanting to get married and so on and he thinks they were a perfect match.
He also, made up a different "life" story than he had told me before........ It was near time for him to call me back and he then told the girl he "thought" he was chatting to that he had to go to work and would see her online again tomorrow.
Then my phone rang and guess who it was!
I could hardly keep it in but I just had to hear what kind of lie he would tell me next. He went on to fill me full of crap and I just couldn't take it anymore. I had found out enough so, I laughed and said, do you just run around from woman to woman trying to make them think you're ready to find "the one" and get married, live happily ever after? He said NOOOO, whyyyy? I told him he was a liar and a cyber ***** (can i say that word in here?), who was messing with womens minds! Even though I had caught him, he continued to lie and I told him that he was chatting to me before NOT the girl he thought he was and he continued to lie, and lie.....
I'd like to give you dating advise for online but I've tried everything and none of it worked for me.
I say make a fake profile on the site you know him from, show him interest from that profile and see what happens. You just might save yourself from a lot of bad situations and bad people.
Good luck & be careful!

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