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O.K. get this! I know I have been here whining and crying and depressed over my boyfriend of seven years who I love but feel like he doesn't love or respect me because after seven years I would think he would be ready to marry me or be ready to let me get on with my life well...I talked to him last night and he was going to bring over some things that I needed from work he said he would come over and leave it outside my door,b/c I said I am not wanting to talk to him or see him that I am really wanting to move forward with my life.He ask if I went out and I told the truth that I did go out with my friend..he was all like "Oh, I guess you must have had alot of fun, with all kinda cowboys coming on to you" (Im not sure why he said cowboys,b/c I went to a salsa club lol. but anyway, whatever)I just had nothing to say b/c it was none of his bisiness but this is from the man who barely even notices I exist until he has nothing better to do, the man who basically dumped me on my birthday because his brother wanted him to go with him to buy a car. The guy who didn't even call on valentines day b/c I said I didn't think he loved me and that was the way he proved it.....Then today I went to get my daughters math book that he forgot to bring, i called and told him I was in a hurry and I was on my way. I got there and then he wasn't there I was talking to my friend on the phone and he drov up and ws asking "who are you talking to? "who is that on the phone" ect. Then I went in and he says I bought something for you and it was a bracelet. I kinda surprised to say the least but I didnt act all happy or anything I just got my daughters book and was leaving and he was asking me to hug him and trying to kiss on me I just said, "Look, I need to be away from you, I have already zapped you from my cell phoe and all....he said I am going to make next month better ok sweetie,I promise. Then he was asking me all kind of professional advice on him buying the place he is living and all trying to keep me there.What is up with this???I know this was long , sorry. Please advise :eek:

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