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Yeah its Tiffany... Well, I CAN TOTALLY RELATE NOW!!! Truth is I WAS feeling great,had high hopes, but this weekend I made the SAME stupid mistake that your talking about and now I feel bad and am beating myself up over my stupidity! How could I do this to myself, AGAIN? This is truly insanity. I have to admit that at least.I have no room to be telling you anything b/c I do the same thing over and over again. I don't know whats wrong with me.I have been ignoring his calls, I have even took his number off my address book ( alot of good that did) I answered and he ask if he can come over and have drinks with me b/c he was having a stressful day, I felt bad for him and said yes well, I am sure you can just guess how the rest of the story goes.
I feel terrible. I woke up the next day and he was gone, he called the next evening said he had been at work,then I found reciepts from places like Mcdonalds and stores thru-out the day that suggest he was with his daughter,I do not know why he would have to lie about this. We both have daughters the exact same age only like 3 months apart,he has always(for 7 years) kept his daughter seperate from us,even when we lived together and my daughter was with us...he would never bring his kid over. This really upset me expessally after around the 3rd or 4th year I was really beginning to get insulted. Even as early as 3 years ago he lied to her and told her I was not his girlfriend and now recently he has been lying to me about her...he brings her over once in a while but it is REALLY wierd, I mean it could be a nice thing b/c I have my daughter he has his but we cannot act as a family he treats her like she is another women and he walks ahead of me and holds her hand constantly (she is almost 11 years old for gods sake) I cannot get close to him because he is tense and I can sence this and I feel really uncomfortable.I have never understood this situation but now he has started eracing the phone number when he calls her. Like last night I used his phone and seen that he had called her then right after that it was eraced off there but all the other numbers were still there....It is crazy.This is probly the major problem ok...and alot of the people would say ...Maybe he is talking to his ex -wife, but I know this isn't the case either. It boggles my mind and evn though this is one of the problems it has become the most troublesome to me b/c it makes me feel like he thinks his kid is somehow better than mine and that whats good enough for my daughter isn't good enough for his...this may not even be the case but since he acts like it is the most normal thing in the world it is impossible to bring up the situation for discussion. Sorry for all this blabbering...Later, Tiffany

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