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[QUOTE=Nina000]Yes of course, but I meant if you were to stay with such partners, these are the only options available. The insecurities we feel are ACQUIRED and not born.[/QUOTE]

Oh yeah, that's true, if you are goig to stay with someone who allows other women to hang on him call him, etc. eventually, it will wear away your self esteem and turn you into a nagging controlling shrew, or an insecure mess, no matter how secure and strong you start out to be. But why would you want to stay in that kind of situation? I'm not judging, lord knows, I've been there. I stayed way too long in sort of a similar situation, and turned down other guys in the hopes the relationship would work. I ended up defeated and feeling so low I still can't pick myself up, and the ex is happily married with a great life. If I had walked when I first deep down knew I wasn't getting what I really wanted, needed and deserved out of the relationship, who knows? If I hadn't turned down one of the other men, I might be happy now too. Staying in any situation where you have to fight to hang on to your self respect and sense of security and self worth is nothing but a big fat waste of time, in my experience.

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