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He has a poor track record with his actions. He's completely inconsistant in what he "says" and the actions that follow. I realize some of it is due to his age, but some of what he says could be construed as "controlling". Getting jealous when you speak to other men, breaking up with you for the business you chose, being overly concerned with how you will appear to others (ie: slutty), and most concerning to me, saying you're pathetic and stupid, or naive. Yikes!

With age, some of those behaviors could actually get worse. Some of that quirky, moody behavior could be the early signs of a seriously troubled person. It can't all be blamed on age. My husband was 21 when I married him, and he never displayed any of those behaviors. From day one, he was supportive, and never, not once, told me I was stupid or naive, or anything negative at any time. We'll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary on March 24th. I'm 48 now, and he's 35. What I'm saying is, if all this guy's behaviors are due to his young age, then my younger husband should've acted that way too.

If you decide to take him back this time, tell him in no uncertain terms NEVER to refer to you in a derrogatory manner again. Tell him to learn to express his dissagreements with you without resorting to personal put-downs. If he can't do even that, then it's not worth the little bit of "fun" you're getting out of it. Just stay on your toes and keep your eyes and ears open, ok? ;)

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