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We have never said I love you. His friends say he does love me, and he came close to telling me a few times, saying things like, "I'm never giving up on us, I care about you too much" and "I feel differently about you since the day I met you and it has only gotten stronger" and lots of things like that. But he's very young, and I'm ....well, not. LOL

This was a "while it's fun for both of us" relatonship, with not much thought to the future b/c of kids, age, things like that. I have grown very attached to him, and I think a part of me fell in love with him b/c we were intimate for over 4 months. It just kinda happened. I was very open with him in every way--and he got in my heart b/c of it. SO it's hard--but I can't be with someone who is "my way or the highway" b/c that's not the way I want to live anymore. I need a cheerleader or sorts, and he is definitely not that. He was my comfort, my fun, my something to look forward to, but not support for my life or the goals in it. Too young and immature for that kind of understanding. But I guess we can't pick who we fall in love with, but we can make choices of what we'll do about it, and I have made a choice, adn so has he. Don't know what'll happen now, as far as him calling, excepting this, or not. Only time will tell, but I'm not changing my plans, and am considering us broken up for good.

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