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I think everybody has great suggestions. While I'm not currently trying to take my time off an ex...I do recall the things I did when I ended my engagement a few years ago. (Also the some of these things I do now...when my mentally ill bf needs space. LOL) most women I enjoy shopping...I feel it brings a certain comfort(esp. when trying to get over an ex that whole danm I am one hot chick vibe works two fold) Who doesn't like looking FABULOUS? ;) I always try to concentrate on improving myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that if the right person comes along I will be my best self. (instead of 20lbs heavier wearing his sweatshirt and eating cookie dough) While we continually grow throughout our lives, it is difficult to examine oneself truly while involved so intimately with someone else.

Also, having fun and being spontaneous is key. We all know that at times when we are involved we tend to let things get routine, and/or get wrapped up in our own little worlds with that person being the center. I take the attitude that now is my chance to do all of those things that I didn't do when I was with that person.

Hmmm...when I ended that engagement. I then went to Japan for 3 weeks, took up boxing, (yes me the 115lb, 5ft5 former sorority chick and Junior League member), went sky diving, chaired 2 charitable events, started knitting, became a regular at the bingo game at a very fun gay martini bar, read a great deal, and pretty much did anything and everything that I heard about, read about, or dreamed about. Made a ton of new friends, had the best time, and struck such a nerve of independence that I will always have with me. I guess the point doesn't matter what you do...just keep busy. Don't be afraid to be daring and think outside the box. Cliche-But life is so short and there are so many things we are held back from because of fear or the feeling of unworthiness. We are often kept inside a triangle...but life is so much more. Let yourself go...let this be your opportunity to appreciate being independent and you may stumble across some amazing people along the way.

Honestly...I can say that it is because of my break up that I was awakened to the infinite possibilities that life has in store for you and I. I really don't let fear hold me back and I have him to thank for that. (Even if he was a complete control freak, and never happy, whatever maybe a little bitterness there.) :D

Go for it! (Sorry to ramble) :bouncing:

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