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I know this is pretty much reiterating what other posters have already said, but I want to try and drive the message home for you.

You're right, if your family and friends knew that a 30 year old man was messing with you, your family would put a stop to it pronto. That's because, unlike him, THEY actually care about you. At 16, you can't be expected to know human nature all that well, so I'm going to tell you something that your parents and friends already know. Any man that age who will fool around with a teenager is looking for two things. Sex and control. It's very easy to control and manipulate a teenager who doesn't have much life experience. He would be hard pressed to find a woman his own age that would tolerate it after the first incident.

Maybe after he starts using his fists on you ([B]and he will[/B]), you'll finally want to leave. By then, he'll have such control over you, and you will have such a low opionion of yourself, that you'll be too afraid of him to leave. You should be leave now, [I]before[/I] he begins to threaten your life or that of your family. He has the classic signs of an abusive and potentially dangerous man if he even [I]imagines[/I] in his sick mind that you've crossed him.

PLEASE tell your parents. Yes, they'll probably get angry, but they know the dangers of what you're doing better than you do. If necessary, at a minimum, they can get a restraining order against him. Men like that don't usually let go of control without a fight, and believe me honey, it's all about control, it's not cuz he loves you.

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