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I felt the same when my husband moved on. I left him as he was abusive but still loved him deeply and hoped we would sort it out. We worked at it and out of the blew he up and decided it was all too hard and found someone else. He went from my bed to hers which really hurt. after his first date he said It was over and it was me who was number 1 we recommenced a relationship of sorts which included sex but he went back to her a few weeks later. I was jealous for a long time of his relationship with her and his life. He has our house and car and furniture whilst I am 60000 in debt and he who destroyed my hopes of happiness was happy with someone else unfair is that. That I end up alone (my only blessing is my baby) and he ends up with happiness....or so I thought. 18mths later he spoke to me and pointed out that he was miserable. He knows he stuffed things up and that I will never come back. (got that right) but he knows it was his fault, he may have a girlfriend and the house and car. But I kept my son and my self respect. I know I did all I could to save our marriage and still do all I can to include him in my childs life (even having him and his girlfriend over etc) the guilt seems to have done some real damage. He seemed to me to have it all yet actually he has nothing. I am alone, fat, scarred from an accident and no real hope of ever loving again... way too much baggage but I have my boy and can look in the mirror without guilt. I feel such sadness for this man whose life I thought was so great. If your ex is really happy well at least you can move on knowing he is happy. Maybe in time even be ok with that. But maybe he is just making the best of it. Who knows. I hope you find some peace. Good luck.

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