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I don't want to say is this relationship worth it because your answer is probably yes, being that the answer no it probably unbearable right now. BUT you HAVE to ask your self this, what are you willing to live with and what you NOT willing to live with? I have had to ask myself this in prior relationships and it does help with knowing what you really want. Are you willing to live with not being able to go with him to visit the baby because she said you can't go and he's not putting his foot down with her and telling her, "No she's coming with me this time."

My past relationship actually sounds just like yours, but i'm sure your boyfriend wasn't as awful as my ex. My ex lied about the pregnancy for a long time because he "didn't want to lose me" Ahhh thats a bunch of bull, he was protecting himself. And yes it does hurt (I don't care how selfish this sounds) that your not number one priority anymore. I know how irritating it is that she's taking over his family, and that she calls twice a day WHEN LET ME TELL YOU THAT IS TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. She is doing that yes because she cares for him, and yes she knows it bothers you. Women can be such witches.

I'm sure he's not a terrible person. But i'm assuming he knows how you feel about all this, and if he doesn't hunny you have to tell him because he can't read your mind. If you have told him and he has done nothing about it then LEAVE NOW. lol. No, i'm not telling you what to do, but he's lying to you already and lying equals no trust, no trust equals no relationship..
You already know that this guy will lie to you to keep you. How can you trust him? Can you really trust anything he says about the baby and the mother? Is it true or is he just saying it to keep you?

The mother wants him back. It's simple - you're not allowed to the house and she's cozying up to his family. To me, that sounds like you're being nudged out of the picture. Think about it - you're cut out of the entire experience of him being a father! It's become their special things - something that they share exclusively. It's a big thing and you're not part of it. Why? Because she says so and he's going along with it. He's invloved in the experience, she's involved, his family is involved. Everyone but you. And you've been made an outsider to the whole thing. In fact, rather than him insisting that YOU, his girlfriend, share in this HUGE part of his life, he's going along with the exclusion and you're left out feeling insecure, angry and confused. That doesn't sound right to me.

While this situation you're in is bound to be really difficult under any circumatances, he's not making it easier. He's making it more difficult than it needs to be and neglecting your feelings. He could step up to the plate without cutting you out. But he hasn't. It would be different if he was trying ... but he's not.

Child or no child, I'm wondering if he's worth sticking with because he's lied in the past and doesn't seem to take your feelings into consideration (beyond lying to you to keep you).

I'm really sorry for what you're going through & hope this didn't come off too harsh :) But I think you deserve better than this.

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