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[QUOTE=BigFan]My girlfriend has taken a new approach to our relationship because I was being over-critical of some things about us (which I have stopped doing).[/QUOTE]
Sure, it's rude. I had a boyfriend a long time ago who did that to me. He didn't like the way I did lot of things. There were a lot of things that bugged me about him, but I felt I had always been respectful in not bringing them up. They were just too petty and unimportant. I responded by doing the exact same thing as your girlfriend is doing but I took it even further. I would sometimes ignore him when we were together and pay more attention to my other friends. I would deliberately do or say things that he had been so critical about before. Maybe I took it like he was trying to control me. I don't really know. All I know is that it really hurt and that was my way of getting back at him.

You said that you stopped being critical of her. Does she know that? She may be expecting another slam from you at any moment. Hopefully, you two have better communication skills than my bf and I had, and you could sit down with her and tell her she doesn't have to worry about it anymore. Really openly talk about it.

Sorry if I'm really off base here. I'm looking at it from my own point of view from my past experience.

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