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Thanks guys for the replies. I do know deep down that it wasn't anything I did wrong. He couldn't ask for a better girlfriend, companion, good friend, whatever the h*** I was to him. I agree that women may tend to analyze things more than necessary, and unfortunately I know I am one of them. I can't help but to wonder because I know he was very into me, I could tell, and he told me he was. I know exactly when I started noticing he was changing the way he was toward me, and I know there were several times I questioned this and his feelings for me. I just wanted to know what was going on, I didn't want to be a convenience for him or anyone else for that matter. I didn't want to care about something that he didn't care about. I would have continued to date him, no pressures, and never said anything if he would have stayed the same. In a way, I'm still feeling like there had to have been something I did or said that made him change his mind. If I was so different than anyone else, and he cared for me so strongly, why would that change just because I didn't want to feel like someones convenient girlfriend or a doormat? Isn't respect and consideration something you would do for anyone you care about, either a loved one or a friend?

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