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[QUOTE=Belledin] My roommate text messaged me b/c we couldn't find another of our girlfriends. she didn't show at the time she was supposed to, and an hour later my roommate got nervous and texted me to find out whether I had spoken with her. Dinner had just come to the table, and we were eating and chatting. I heard my phone, pulled it out while my bf was talking to the other couple, and texted back that i was at the restaurant and hadn't heard from her. my boyfriend turned to me and said, you shouldn't text message at dinner, it's rude.

i was so shocked that i actually put the phone down. then i thought, who is he to dictate my actions? plus, it's important. our friend doesn't normally blow off plans. so, i finished my text message. [/QUOTE]

how did you know that it was an important text before you read it? your using backwards logic... your using the content of the text to justify your behaviour in reading it... i think it's rude as well. you said if it was a classy resteraunt that you wouldn't have done it, but why? the "no texting at the table" is out of respect for your company, not your surroungings. do you have less respect for your friends/boyfriend because of the settings your in?

i only bring this up because you sound less mature than he is, so maybe that is adding to the tension of the relationship? maybe that is the underlying problem, not a couple of text messages. if you don't like the way he treats you, leave him and find someone that is on the same wavelength when it comes to social settings.

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