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[QUOTE]What about when we want to hug you guys? Is it annoying when we want to hug and kiss on you alot when we are alone... not in front of other people, because the last thing a girl wants to do is make her guy look whipped and make him seem less manly in front of other people.[/QUOTE]

Why would it make a guy look whipped to have his girlfriend hug and kiss him in public??? My boyfriend loves it when I hang on him in public, he likes being able to show me off, and show off how much we're in love! Every guy I've ever been with has enjoyed having me all over them, whether in public or private. My favorite thing is going to an amusement park with my boyfriend, and hugging him while we wait in line - it's so romantic! If a guy thought that us being touchy-feely in public meant I was trying to have him whipped...I'd be out of there. I would think he was not happy to be with me and proud to show me well as not want other girls around to know he and his girlfriend were really in love.

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