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I just feel so awful right now. My story is this: My ex-boyfriend and I were together for 3.2 years. He's in my miliatary for a year of that time. I didn't want to be unfair to him so twice I've given him the option of having an "open relationship". He refused both times. Then in August, one month after he declined my proposal, he dumped me, said things weren't working, and that we were too far apart (He's stationed in Virginia). Then 4 days later he called and begged me to take him back. I did. Things were going good for a few months. I even went to visit him in October. Everything was good, we had a good time. Then at the end of November, he started acting different. He wouldn't tell me alot about his life, he acted distant, he didn't contribute much to our conversations, it was like "small talk". So I brought this up numerous times and he said he we tired of me always complaing. We broke up after a month of this, in December. I was heartbroken. I flew up there to surprise him for his 21st birthday, even though we weren't together, hoping we could get back together. Turns out a girl was living in his apartmen. He said he met her 2 months ago and loved her. He said he loved her to my face. I was crushed. I told him how I felt and he was cold, wouldn't sit next to me didn't want to answer my questions, then he dropped me off at the airport at the dropoff , he didn't even park his car and walk me in. He said I needed to move on, he gave me a "sincere" apology, and that it's time for us to move on. This was in January. I held onto hope until now that his relationship would fail and he would realize what he was missing and come back. I learned a few days ago that my ex and this girl got married after dating for six months which means that he was cheating. I feel so awful and betrayed and he even admitted to his best friend's mom that he was talking to us both at the same time. How could he do this? I'm down here faithful and waiting for him to come home from the military and the whole time he's lying and cheating on me. A couple times I asked him if there was someone else and he said no. Now that he's married, (to an illegal immigrant I might add) he no longer wants to talk to me or be friends. He even made it sound like it's all my fault for the breakup, because I "complained" too much about his behavior. It's hard to deal with because we hung out every single day for over two years and talked every day for over three years. And now we don't anymore. He married her and all this time he's been saying to me," when are you gonna come up here and live with me, I want to marry you, blah blah". He chose her, not me. He begged me to take him back and he was cheating when he did this. I feel mad at myself for the breakup. Maybe I shouldn't have complained so much about his different behavior and sucked it up. Does it sound like it was really my fault? Does it sound like I did anything wrong? Has this happened to anyone? It's just so weird... 3 months ago he said he was mine... now he's married... it hurts bad....ouch

He was also my first boyfriend, kiss and everyting else that goes with that. So this is so disappointing.

Thank you for any feedback that can be offered.

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