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I know, the McDonalds think totally cracked me up!!

Turned out, didn't have to even think about it, cuz he did NOT show after all. Everyone was all, "Hey, where's Mike?" I just said that I had no idea. When they pressed a little more, and asked if we were still together I said we were not, and that basically he has just disappeared--something he SWORE he would never ever do to me.

His good friend Bryan was teasing me thru out the night, saying, "ooh look, Mike just walked in..." or "Are you calling Mike?" Finally I looked at him and said, "Look Bryan, I have deleted him out of my phone, and I couldn't care less if he showed up or if he didn't. Makes no difference to me. Not my night to babysit him." He was shocked and said, "ooh--ur really mad at him, huh?" I said, "No. Not mad. He's exhausting, Bryan. I just can't deal w/ it anymore. He's worse than a rollercoaster--he's an energy vampire with emotional problems or a bonifide personality disorder. He knows my past, he knows my issues w/ people disappearing, he swore he was so different and would never do that. He lied. I hate liars. I never lied to him, so whatever. I don't care. Let him go find some 20 yr old girl that likes this sort of drama."

Now, I know that I have been guilty of adding some drama from time to time w/ him--but I don't want it. It's not good for me, and I need to get away from it b/c it sucks me in--brings me down, whatever. Ya know? ANyhow--every guy at one time or another except for Bryan, said to me that they wanted me to swear not to ever take him back. That I was way above that kind of crap. The host of the party last night, and the one tonight which is WAY bigger, said to me that I was one of those girls who must like mean guys. I was like.."WHAT?" I am not!! He said him and his gf couldn't figure out why I was ever w/ him in the 1st place, and that everyone thought he was a real jerk. (Now I know my frineds thought this, but thought maybe I was just giving them a one sided view or something) But it seems everyone thinks Mike is a jerk off! I guess I have been making lots of excuses for him cuz I thought I saw some real sweet, good stuff in him, but the more I analyze it, the more I come up with---not much good stuff unless he was trying to win me back or something. That's more about power, isn't it?

SO--FF to tonight...Party starts at 8:30. Going with a few friends. Everyone on the planet that Mike knows will be there. No way he won't be there--his roomate, work friends, everyone---liquor luge, band, and about a hundred people. He'll SO be there. The host said he's got about 10 guys he wants to introduce me to, and that I need to promise to stay away from Mike--b/c he is a jerk and doesn't desreve me. Said, "Laurie--do NOT fall into him b/c you don't want to feel lonely, b/c that's all that is. He is NOT the guy for you, and you knwo this. Promise me!!" then gave me a hug. Sweet guy. SO--tonight should be interesting. People were all joking last night that they couldn't wait for a front row seat to watch it unfold with us. Too funny---but hope they were really joking b/c I don't want to be watched to see how I react. Maybe we'll just avoid each other like a couple of elementary schoolers or something. How weird is that? Gosh--I was SO past this--is there a better answer? A more mature answer? I am definitely going--I was invited, he wasn't by the way--he'll just come--and it's way too great of a party to miss. I guess the old--have a great time and "welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?" mentality works. HA HA HA Talk to you guys later.....Any opinions appreciated.

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