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I think a big problem with all of us is that we expect a "HOLLYWOOD ROMANCE" when we meet someone! That initial infatuation stage is just the surface of lasting love. I have been with my BF for 6 months now and up until 2 weeks ago, we had not had a disagreement of any kind. Well, now we have and it feels different somehow. Now, instead of all of the mushy stuff, I see it like we are both human and nobody is perfect. People are people and things will never be great all the time! But he has so many good qualities, that it seems worth it to me to hang on to him. He is a hard worker, has a good job, and is very caring and concerned about others rather than himself. And we have pretty much become "best friends" now. So now the love that I feel for him is real, and that means taking the good with the not so good! Remember.......whoever you date also has to put up with the little irritating traits that you have too, and I know I have some pretty crappy ones at times! But there are so many ways to keep the fire just have to use your imagination! (for all of you girls....Victoria's Secret is a great place to start!!! ;)

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