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[QUOTE=Zarakenpatsi]I've been surfing through these boards to find an answer on how to put my children and my sanity back together again after recent events in my family. I'm a victim of betrayal by my husband committing infidelity. To me you are like the woman who my husband had an affair with. This woman knew my family, my children, my parents, his parents. But this woman didn't care what the consequences are of having an affair with my husband. She selfishly went ahead and did it anyway. I know it takes two to have an affair and my husband knows what's on my mind, but how could you sleep with this in mind that you are with a married man? How could you live with yourself? You seem to come in here posting to get some symphathy and you got your circle of cheaters sympathizing with you & your selfish behavior. But you won't get that from me. I know hundreds of men and women who are victims of infedility. Statistics say that 85% of people who go onto affairs with married people know these people are married. You know this man is married, why are you even going forward with it? Whether it's been 3 weeks or 3 years, you still had an affair with a married man. And you have a child? If your child ever find out you had an affair with a married man, how could you explain yourself? Karma, remember that. Are you going to be around to help pick up the pieces when your married lovers wife and children find out? Are you going to pay for the therapy bills for the wife? What about the children? You won't get sympathy from me, but go ahead and circle yourself wtih your circle of cheaters.[/QUOTE]

Zar, I certainly understand why you would be in so much pain, but I don't see any "circle of cheaters" here. Just a woman who knows she made a mistake in allowing feelings for a married man go too far and getting support on how to move past it, put her feelings in perspective and end everything with him before it goes any further. I would think that would be a good thing.

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