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[QUOTE=Pebbles26]I keep changing my mind over what to do. I go to email him but then I think that's going to make me feel worse, another thing in my life not going right. So I do nothing.

Next Thursday is rapidly approaching and I don't know what to do. He has me up on a pedestal as being this attractive, sexy, funny woman whereas the truth is at the moment I'm really unhappy.

I'd like to dolly myself up like last time he came. All tanned and hair done e.t.c. I had a fabulous time. At least it's an escape. This time I don't know if i'm up to it. I look a bloody mess![/QUOTE]

You didn't go into much detail about exactly why he's living with this other woman, so I'm going to assume he's sleeping with her, and she's his live-in girlfriend and he just hasn't broken up with her yet. I don't know, I just get a really sick feeling in my stomach when I hear these kinds of things when some guy is getting together with a new woman and they both badmouth his ex or soon to be ex, or someone hopes she'll soon be his ex. I mean, we're all exes, yes? It wouldn't feel good to know that our ex is out there telling some hot little number what a horrible loser we were.

If he's so into you and hates her so much, why is he still living with her? Is it because he can't afford to leave, or is there some other sort of obligation he has to her? I'm just trying to understand the situation a little more clearly. But generally speaking, I think falling for a man who isn't totally free and clear could be setting yourself up for heartbreak. It can work, but I think you might be safer to at least put the brakes on a little until he gets his other situation resolved.

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