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I think it sounds like you guys should probably take a break from each other. First of all, why were you in the same club? you said you were going out with your friends, was this now " allowed" by him for you to go out alone? Second of all, if you are in the same club, you shoudln't have to stick by his side so he feels "safe", you have a right to mingle and chat with your friends. Third of all, if he is keeping your relationship a secret, I would wager it's because he wants to be free to date others. It also sounds like he wants to do what he wants, but expects you to just sit there waiting for him to come back like the good little girlfriend. not cool. As far as him saying that he is now not going to speak to his friends and all that, that is just silly, like come on, he is obviously creating drama here and also trying to make you feel guilty. Should you have gotten close to his friend? well probably not, but get over it already. I would wager he is cheating on you, sorry, but it sounds like you are being somewhat played here. Also, I'm not buying this story about him picking up that girl for his friend, if they left together and were holding hands, something probably went on between them, either kissing or whatever. It sounds like he is trying to turn the whole thing around on you so you will feel guilty. Or maybe he is just telling you that he isn't talking to his friends anymore because he doesn't want YOU to talk to them and find out the truth about him. It just seems awfully strange and I'm really not buying what he is telling you....

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