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Re: Abusive husband
Mar 25, 2006
[QUOTE=Celestial_Kel]Everytime my ex and I would get into an arguement, he would throw up things to me like "because of me, you live in a free country" and "I fought for my country,you didn't!". I got sooooo tired of hearing that.[/QUOTE]Hello! I had a co-worker like that. He was in the Army Reserve. Those were almost the exact same words he used to us when he didn't want to do any work, and I would hear him saying the same thing to his wife over the phone whenever they fought. What a jerk. He left for lunch one day and didn't come back until the next day. You wouldn't believe how mad he got when he found out he didn't have a job anymore.

My husband was in the Navy, (USS Lake Champlain) so we had to spend a lot of time apart early on in our marriage. We were each others' main support while he was deployed. He encouraged me when I felt lonely living in a new city, and I encouraged him by letting him know everything at home was being taken care of, and by sending him more letters and care packages than any other guy on that ship received. His shipmates loved mail call even if they didn't get a letter because we (his mom and me) always sent him enough goodies to share with them. He wasn't happy being there, but he sure let me know he was happy to have my support.

I know what you're going through Yellow Rose. My husband told me he knew several guys who treated their wives the same way. All they did was bitc-, whine, and complain. We personally knew one of them who returned from deployment to find his wife MIA. She didn't show up to meet him at the ship, and we learned later that she filed for divorce. How sad. I think he dug his own pit and jumped in. All he had to do was show her a little respect and kindness. There's really no excuse for that kind of treatment. They have counselors aboard those ships for guys who are having a tough time.

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