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Re: Stuck
Mar 27, 2006
I believe that what you're doing right now is you are focusing 100% on getting back with the woman that you can't have and want so bad and I do believe that you believe that you've changed but what I believe will happen is if you do somehow manage to get what you want again, you'll go back to cheating on her once you've gotten her back to being yours. That's JMHO...I think that you will more than likely go back to trying to have something that you don't have once your back with your GF and she's finally figured out. Can you imagine the pain she feels each time you cheat on her!? Being cheated on is one of the most horrendous things someone can go through and you've done it to her 4X!!! Like many women though or men for that matter, she may take you back one more time but she's always going to be looking over your shoulder and feeling crazy worried that you are messing around on her. This relationship is probably damaged beyond repair so maybe give her another month(surely you can go without for that long to get her back :rolleyes: ) and then move on and learn from your mistakes. I'm not really trying to be judgmental that you cheated on someone because I've been the cheater too and I did manage to learn from hurting someone beyond belief and feeling guilt that I will have to carry for my entire life now!

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