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No you're not being stupid. She is being disrespectful by acting this way, and yes, who knows if it goes further when you aren't there? I don't know about you but having seen her behave like that, I could never rest knowing she was at a club and what she might be doing!

You need to tell her that you don't think her behaviour is appropriate. So what if she thinks it's ok - of course she will, she probably loves the attention! If she respects you and cares about you then it would matter to her how you felt about it. Doesn't sound like it does. Either make her see that it isn't right to behave like this, or tell her where to go!

Personally, even if she said she wouldn't do it anymore, I'd be a little paranoid that she could just say that to get you off her back, and she might carry on behaving like this when you aren't around.

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