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I think it comes down to the whole " changing someone " thing. If you never liked the bar stuff, then obviously you would never start going once you have a boyfriend. But I have always enjoy hanging wtih my friends, dancing, having some drinks, listening to bands, so I still enjoy it now that I'm married, just now as often. I think it is all about honesty too, I tell my husband everything, and vice versa. Now I won't come home and say things to try to make him jealous or anything like that, but if he asks if men talked to us and what happened, I will tell him sure we met a few guys, had a few dances, and it's no big deal. My husband really enjoyed working on cars and motorbikes when we met, and he still does. Before he was with me and had a child, he worked on them all weekend every weekend, now he doesn't, but he does get every second Sunday to work on his cars. He also liked going on guys camping trips, he still gets to do that as well. We have a routine going where we know when the other one is having a night out with friends, and it's expected the other one will stay home with our child. I guess we just feel that sure some things change, but not everything has to change, and there has to be trust. And from reading alot of posts on here, I think we have it pretty good I read so many posts from women whose husbands don't respect them or don't help out enough with the kids, he is a full on active parent, does as much work around the house as I do, cleans, cooks, parents our child as much as I do and I can honestly say we both do our share really, we must be doing something right...

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