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Thanks Sophia, and I agree I am crazy.
I was thinking about this today just a little bit ago actually and you hit it right on the spot...anytime I come across a girl that is quality I get scared. I make excuses and I turn them away. I have no problem getting the party girls and so forth but really it does not make me feel good about myself. There was one other thing from that night that may have made her less interested in me...after she told me here grade on the last test 104%! I called her a dork in a teasing way...I am wondering if she took it seriously and thought I was just another jerk. I really did not mean it in a deaming way and I said it with a smile on my face.

Again though you are right I did this last semester with a girl that had a 4.0, getting a master in pyschology and had an intership with the CIA. I think the problem for me is when I come across these girls I feel that they are above me and I dont like that feeling. So instead of goign for them I chicken out and make it look like I was just too good for them which is really quite pathetic. Another problem with me is my drinking. When I have the stuff in me I am cocky, inmature...and can be just plain stupid. When I am out partying I am the life of the party...I have a lot of friends and people are always giving me freee stuff. I actually had one friend receantly invite me to Vegas and he is going to pay for the whole thing. So I guess I am just used to being in the spot light and I have a problem swallowing my pride.

I was nervous as hell and that note was simply retarded...I was a bit drunk in class(stupid) and it just seemed like a good idea at the time. IF she actually knew me it would have been different..but from someone she barley knows it may just look inmature and weird. I really just got a bid vibe from her when she gave me the number though...she told me that it is hard to reach her and what not...dunno just seemed like she did not want me to call her, or maybe she didnt want me to think that I was cooler than her..who knows. I think I need to go about these girls in a different manner...instead of trying to entertain and be creative and tease them like I do with most girls I just gotta be real. Tell them about my acomplishements when they ask me instead of hiding them. I guess I never have felt that the things I have accomplished are what represent me as a person..and I always though it was my personality.

Well I guess I will call her. If it doesnt work out well than at least I learned a lesson. I know I really only interest these girls intially because of the way I look. I have been told by several girls that I look like Jude Law..and I guess it just gets to my head some times. I am short however 5'8 ish..and maybe have a bit of a napolean complex? Dunno- I think when girls see me they view me as a great guy because I look very innocent and non-threatening. But then I act like a duche-clown and they are probally like man...guess there are no good guys in this world. Well I will try with her and if I messed up already well I learned a lesson like I said. Thanks Sophia.

BTW in the note I gave her I actually drew 2 phones....I drew an old school Dial Phone...than I wrote the word phone..crossed it out and then drew a cell phone...dunno I was a bit drunk and being silly.
IT is not is simply I hate starting off things in an awkward funk, because then you just feel awkward around eachother. You know how sometimes you meet people and you are just so comfortable talkign to them..did not feel that with her.....and I really dont know If I like her...I mean we have talked for maybe a total of 15 min. It takes more than looks for me to like a girl. I generally can tell right away if I am going to click. I guess to explain myself a little easier I am a right brained person. I have a very active imagination and a great sense of creativity. I guess I get bored easily with the standard talk of what you do, where you from...I find the ppl that are the most exciting talk about other things right away..and that is general how I approach girls. I get stimulated by different things than most guys. Liek when I see an attractive girl it does not do it for me right away...she has to have a certain tyoe of personality. I can usually bring it out in them when I get to talking although. I dunno this girl just seemed kind of like a prude. She did looked shocked when I called her a dork and she actually shrugged her shoulders like she did not know how to react. Ialso have this thing where I can "feel" peoples is wierd but it happens all the time and I can tell when they are sincere are not. Her body language was turned off to me and the only reason she gave me her number I think is because she did not want to be rude...and who is to know if it real. I guess I am not worried about finding that "one" person right now...I am very social and meet at least 30 diff people a week. Like I said I am kind of crazy...but I have fun being crazy.

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