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Hi everyone, I have a bit of a strange problem concerning a girl and I am looking for some advice.

I'm a 27 year old single male. I work in a bank so I deal with the public all day and I see alot of people coming and going. Theres this one girl in particular that comes in about 2 or 3 times a week. Shes very attractive,her looks are way above average, but I never really knew much about her personality or just what type of a person she was in general simply because I never have had a conversation with her. So naturally,I became curious about her and wanted to know some things about her. So I asked around to my co-workers,most of whom are females, just to see if anyone knew her personally and I was trying to find out the obvious which was does she have a boyfriend or not? So everyone pretty much said that they didn't know anything about her because shes very quiet when she comes in and doesn't really talk that she just comes in does her business and leaves. But there was one girl at work who said that she is a little bit friendly with her and they do talk on occasion when they see one another but at the same time, she too didn't really know all that much about her. So I told her that the reason why I was asking was because I like her and I am trying to find out if she has a boyfriend or not. So the girl at work said well I don't know her well enough to know the answer to that question off hand but she said if you like I can talk to her for you and find out if she has a boyfriend or not and if she doesn't I can also find out if she likes you or not. So since talking to pretty girls has never been one of my strongest qualities I said to my co-worker well if you dont mind doing that for me that would be great so she said ok, yeah no problem, next time I see her I will have a talk with her.

So about three days later the girl came into the bank. The girl at work who offered to talk to her for me was also there and I seen her walk right over to the girl and start talking, so I knew she was asking her about me. So they talked maybe five minutes if even that and then I see her leave. So a few minutes later I walked over to my co-worker and said ok,I seen you talking to her what were you able to find out? So she says to me oh,I have good news for you and your going to be very happy. So I said ok, what did she say? She goes well shes 24 years old, she doesn't presently have a boyfriend and when I told her that you liked her she admitted to me that she likes you also and that she has liked you for a while and that you seem to be the type of guy that shes looking for. Now needless to say I was amazed because firstly I thought for sure she would already have a boyfriend and if she didnt I wouldnt even have thought that she was going to know who I was, nevermind actually admitting that she already knew how she felt about me. So I was like ok, well this is great news because now I know how she feels and I know what I have to do and I dont even have to worry about rejection what could be better?!

But now for the problem...the girl is impossible and I mean impossible to try to talk to. I sit at a desk that is right near the entrance/exit of the building. When she comes in she just walks right past me,doesnt even make eye contact or anything and when she walks back out she does the same exact thing. Once or twice when she came in I caught her off guard because instead of being at my desk I was someplace else within the building that she didnt expect me to be and she actually ended up running right into me and when that happens she does say hello, but its a very soft-spoken kind of what you would call an under your breath kind of hello and thats all, she never once tried to start a conversation. If I didnt know what I know about her I would swear that she has no interest in me whatsoever but I know what she said about me and I 100% trust the girl at work so I have alot of confidence that she likes me but I just cant get through to her.

I asked the girl at work who originally talked to her for me and she says that she just thinks the problem is that the girl is shy and that she might be even more shy towards me now since she now knows that I like her. I can understand shyness or akwardness but I just feel like as if she needs to give me an opportunity to actually talk to her. I dont expect her to come up to me and ask me on a date, of course I know thats my responsibility, but if she would atleast approach me in a way that showed she wanted to talk to me it would certainly make things alot better. Sometimes she walks past my desk so fast I feel like I need to jump in front of her if I want to talk to

My question is if she likes me why does she act this way and how can I get to talk to her?

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