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It sounds like you are lonely and frustrated and that is why you are seeking attention outside your marriage. If you pursue an affair with this guy, it will only lead to disaster!! I guarantee he is only looking for a sexual relationship with you.
You need to concentrate on fixing the problems in your marriage. Have you tried talking to your husband about spending more time together? Does his job require him to work 6 days a week and long hours? I know a lot of mechanic jobs do require this and if that is the case, no wonder you are feeling the need to seek attention else where. However, that is not the answer. Your husband and you together need to make decisions on how to focus on your relationship and spend time together to bring the romance back. He may need to change jobs and perhaps work for a car dealership that has better hours. You need to go out toether and have fun again like you did when you were dating. If you try and bring romance back into your relationship with your husband, your sex drive WILL come back with him!! Please do not give up on your marriage without first trying to restore it.
You need to cut off communication with this guy before you do something I am SURE you will later regret. I know many people that have been able to bring back passion into their relationship after they thought it was gone. Marriage is like a garden that needs continual tendering and watering to make it blossom. It takes effort on both your parts. Women especially need the emotional component to feel "in the mood." Start dating your husband again and see what happens! Try beginning treating each other like you did when you were dating!! You can turn your marriage around!! Give it a try! :angel:

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