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Well, I think it's a given that you obviously don't solve problems in a marriage by turning away from your spouse and bringing a third person into the mix. You say you want to stay married to Jack. That will be a whole lot harder to do after you break your wedding vows and cheat on him. It's likely he won't ever find out, but he may. And if he doesn't the guilt you feel might become a barrier between the two of you that can't be overcome. Plus, Brandon is young, and there's no telling what could happen with that, or how he will conduct himself in a sexual relationship, will he keep his cool or will he go all nutty on you and tell your husband and insist you leave Jack and come away with him, all that drama drama drama. You could very well be getting ready to bite off wwwaaaaaayy more than you can chew.

A wise man once said that marriage is the thing that keeps people together until they fall in love again. Every marriage has ups and downs, and I think if you really want to be fair, you'd discuss the problem with Jack and try to get at the bottom of why you don't feel sexually attracted to him anymore. This thing with Brandon has awakened you to a problem that needs to be addressed, so address it. Really think hard before you trash your marriage out of an impulsive act because "well, Brandon will be gone at the end of the semester and I wanted some good nookie before he left." If you address your marital issues and you and Jack come to the conclusion that they can't be solved, and you have irreconsiilible differences and split, there will always be another Brandon, or someone better even.

If you really love Jack and really want to stay married to him then I think you owe it to him to at least give him a head's up and let him know his marriage is in trouble. He may not even be aware. He may be just so busy working and bringing home the bacon that he doesn't realize you're unsatisified. Let him know and at least give him a chance to try to work with you to fix whatever's wrong.

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