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Thanks so much guys. You made me feel so much better.

Okay, about the "discrete" thing - my mother had heard me talk about meeting up with a guy on the phone, so she goes to one of my bros and say "I HOPE she did not meet him online!" I guess I got embarrassed. I come from a very traditional family, it's just that I've been slightly "over-protected" by both my parents and brothers, and relatives for that matter, b/c of my problem so to speak. I know they love me & I'm very lucky. So I got nervous that they would be disappointed in a way, & thats when the "discrete" thing came up in my head.

I cannot stop thinking about how stupid I am! Its 2 am & I cannot sleep!

I know, I'm stressing b/c I just missed out on so much in my life due to this low self-esteem of mine, which I'm sure the guy figured out . Who would want to date a girl like me, I'M sure he thought :(

Anyway, I'll try to pick myself up and know better for the next one. Okay no mention of my nervousness, got it.

I don't know if I should email. Like I said, I resigned on this dating site and he is still there. I will try to go to bed now, and sleep with a clear head. I am having sleep issues for almost 2 months now. I have to start believing in myself. Enough is enough already.

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