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hiya, ive never been in that situation, thankgod but i know it must be so hard for you, your poor thing.
Im just goin to be totally honest here so i hope i dont offend you but your 'mother' sounds to me like a total b**ch who doesnt care about anything but herself and her selfish needs...
i mean for a mother to do that to her daughter is just the lowest thing she could possibly do...
then to not even appologise and just RUB it in your face......i actually think there is somthing wrong with her...something mentally wrong.
she doesnt seem to care about your feelings at all. and she obviousley doesnt love him, it was all for selfish reasons.
as for him...well he is a liar , a cheat and just a disgrace of a human being. :rolleyes:
you dont need him, trust me you dont. i know he is saying sorry and saying its you he cares for and you he wants but it obviousley wasnt you he loved and wanted when he was having sex with your mother.
i would say he has all these excuses for you, and especially since he knows what your 'mother' is like from you telling him, he will probably try and make out she pressured him and he never wanted to do it, and he tried to stop, but it will all be lies.
at the end of the day you havent been going around an sleeping with someone twice your age have you? or worse his father?.....No u havent-beause you loved and cared for him.
the best advice myself and anyone can give you is to NOT EVER take him back-no matter what he promises you, cut all contact with him, change your phone number-do whatever it takes to get him out of your life for good,you dont need people like that hurting you and bringing you donw, you can do better.
as for your 'mother', well you already thought badly of her and whatever chances you tried to give her in the past she has just proved the kind of person she is and i think you should do the same for her-cut her out of your life.and by doing that it doesnt sound like you would be missing much anyway, i wouldnt say she was/is a supportive/caring/loving mother might be different had she appologised to you and was at least trying to make it up to you but all shes done is laugh at you and rub your face in her disgusting affair with him.

it will take you time to get over this but there is better oout there for you. just try to spenfd time with friends and talk to people about this....its the only way you will start to feel better.
take care xxxxx
Iv been staying at a friends for now and shes been saying stay fo as long as you need and all my stuff is at his.Iv always known my my mum was capable of bad stuff but this is never this. She knew how much i loved him he knew how much i loved him and i thought he loved me , it seems like all im doing is crying and i really cant take it anymore and fed up with my life alltother.
When my mum sent the photos that just toped it all of because i didnt wanna see them together again . I really do think he is sorry about it , but icould never trust him again , Im gonna see him tonight, because we have got to talk , he said he has got a suprise which i would love and that my mum means nuthin to him but it went on for 5 months , thats what really upsets me, he knew how much i hated her but he still did it. I really do love him and dont know how to cope, even after what hes done ,i still have feelings for him.

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