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This "friends with benefits" relationship is all I wanted with my current BF too! But, things just got more serious than both of us planned on. When you share your body with another person, that's a closeness that is hard to ignore. There are people who can do that and get up the next day and go on with life like nothing happened. But when you start having feelings (like my BF and I did), then you have some serious decisions to make. Like, right now, I'm going through trust issues with him anout his ex girlfriend (I have a thread on this). I didn't want to deal with this kind of "drama" again, but I'm involved now so what do I do?? If I have to break it off, then I'm heading straight for heartache. And if this guy is telling you he don't want anything serious, as painful as it is, you need to let it go! If you think you can be his friend and push the feelings aside,great! But, if not you need to cut all contact with him. It will only be harder if you don't. I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide to do! :)

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