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I'm confused.

So, does your girlfriend herself think her butt is too big? If she doesn't, then why would she be angry at you for making a comment? It would be the same thing as telling a brunette that they have brown hair.

But if she herself believes her butt is too big, then she should work to reshape it. Unless it is something she can't change...then she should just accept. I think slapping you was waaaay out of line. I think you should be the angry one.

I make blunt statements about physical aspects of my boyfriend all the time. And were he to get so mad at me that he told me I had a big booty - I'd laugh because it's TRUE. If I have a big butt, how can I be MAD at someone else for pointing it out? A spade is a spade. Your girlfriend needs to start accepting her body and loosen up a little.

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