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hi everyone. I have a problem with my best friend (of 15 years) and I need some advice! She basically tries to outdo everything I do. For example, I got a new car last year. She already had a nice car and truck, but then she turned around and got another vehicle when I did. When I moved into my home, she immediately put hers up for sale and moved into a bigger one. If I cut or color my hair, she does it too but her stylist is more expensive. And when my ex husband bought me a new wedding ring set for our anniversary a few years ago, she went to a local jewelry store and took out a charge account so she could have a new wedding set! Does anyone else see a trend here?? I love her to death, but her behavior is sooooooo irritating. My BF and I are going on a beach trip at the end of this month. We are staying at a very nice oceanfront condo and she and I were talking about it. It turns out that she stayed there last year when they went, but I didn't know that it was the same place because it's under new management and they changed the name. Immediately, she asked what floor we were staying on and what class room it was. I said it was just a room with an ocean view or whatever and she said that she only stayed in the best rooms and that I probably will get just a basic room. No matter what the subject is, she has to be better. This is putting a strain on our relationship. I don't know why she is so competitive, but it's not just me, she's like that with everyone! What should I do? Just ignore it? Talk to her about it (which I don't want to do 'cause I know it'll cause friction) or just deal with it? She has good qualities as a friend, but this stuff is just so petty and stupid to me! She already has way more than me because she has a husband who gives her anything she wants. I'm a single mom trying to make ends meet....never have any money left. Why do you think she is like this? Any advice would be so appreciated!

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