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ive never gotten along great with my dad...he has been the best father possible- everyone respects him- he buys me anything i want, he loves me beyond belief
just sometimes we dont get along well...
he is very, very strict...he has eased up recently though
he use to have an anger problem and still has a loose temper but that has improved slightly
i cant talk to him about most things, i have to, he doesnt know i drink, go to bars etc he doesnt knw i dont believe in god otherwise i think he would disown me completly
he is very intense...any conversation i start with him, he gets serious andlectures- it all gets too much sometimes i cant breath
i am a good daughter, even my cousins say to him how lucky he is to have sucha good daughter like me but he says "well ive been sucha good, perfect father"
he asked to go running with me today and i replied no which annoyed him because apparently he would never have said no to his dad
he tried to help me with the breakup of my ex whihc he had only found out about a month ago...hes never allowed me to have boyfriends- he seems to be ok with it now that i am 21
i left home when i was 17 to be with my boyfriend because i couldnt take life at home anymore...i went counselling
when i was 13 i self harmed becaue i didnt like how strict my dad was- hes never physically hurt me...he juse use to be so strict, so intense...i went cousnelling...

recently, only recently, have i been able to go out without asking for his permission- my god how i use to cry and feel miserable...
the snowboarding trip i went on, i had to ask i mum asked instead...he said yeah
all the trips, all the outings ive ever been on, ive had to ask for his permission, and he would always be intense, ask questions and think about it....puts me off

i never feel appreciated by him
sometimes i think maybe i am just crap...i think i am
i want my own space...i want space to breath

mum doesnt help
sisters dont help
rest of family i cant talk to

right now....i want to move out...but he would never ever let me....but i feel as tho my life would be so great if i did...
i really believe this

i cant talk to him....that is out of the question completly!!!!!
i want to move out but thatd mean losing my family for sure...he wouldnt accept it, because id have to mve out without telling him about it, without his premission and so therefore not talking to family

ive been miserable for so long at home, i seriously cant remember being happy at home
dont you think its time i left?

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