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[QUOTE=SophiaM]Ditto for each one of you men ;)

I don't think giving her your number should scare her. But don't just give her your number, also say something like "or if you prefer, I could call you if you give me your number--whichever is more comfortable for you." I, for one, don't like to call guys first and it's nice if they give me the option of calling me if that's what I'm more comfortable with. Why don't you email her again, just write a couple of things about your weekend and ask her about hers, and then say you'd love to chat on the phone if she's interested. Then follow my instructions as to the number thing ;) What do you have to lose? I mean, if you're still interested in talking with her, that is.[/QUOTE]
ok, i didnt really want to start a new thread, but the older one gave me her number and messenger screenname.. she was busy the last few days (i can't believe she was actually straight forward and up front about everything.. :eek: this is shocking.. i've come to expect differently from women.. :D ). anyway, we talked for a few hours, :eek: , and i'm not that intimidated anymore..seems pretty cool and actually satisfies a lot of my requirements on my list in that other!! maybe i'll ask her out soon... :eek: that's pretty scary!! but i still don't want a gf..i don't know what to do. :confused:

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