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[QUOTE=mada_3083]this thread makes me sick.

ok, if i was to say "my girlfriend should wash my underwear, cook for me, and give me sexual favors whenever i want because she's my woman" i'd be labelled a sexist and publicly flayed (and so it should be like that)

but its ok to view men as sausages with feet and wallets?

why should a man spend a cent on you? what are you giving HIM in exchange? why is there even a balance of power that needs to be rectified with cold hard cash? why not just become a hooker, at least then the transaction is honest :D

if the boy is right for you, the amount he spends on you shouldn't even enter your mind, you should be counting your blessings that he smiles at you.[/QUOTE]

You're comparing apples and oranges.

No woman should be so desperate that they should "count blessings" that any man smiles at them.

When people co-habitate, the domestic issues shift. If the man works full time and the woman stays home and raises the kids and takes care of the house, then the domestic stuff switches, she will naturally do more of the cooking and the cleaning because she's home and he's out busy working. But while just dating, for him to expect a second mommy to come over to his separate apartment and clean and cook for him is outrageous. That's akin to expecting a man to pay her rent and bills, but I don't believe that's what she's saying. When two people date, they are going to generally go out to dinner, go out to movies or other activities, and they are going to exchange gifts on holidays and birthdays and they are going to exchange love tokens for no particular reason, just to show they care for one another. She may cook him dinner (and despite what most men think, it is harder and more expensive to cook for two than it is for one, and he generally gets the left-overs bundled up and sent home with him, so a woman cooking dinner is a bigger gesture than most men appreciate) and then he may show his thanks by buying some flowers or treating her to a night out at the movies. It's give and take with what you have to offer. If the guy is poor, then he can show his love and thoughtfulness in other ways, but I think what she's really asking is whether he's cheap and stingy, with not just his money but with his affection as well.

It's not fair to suggest that a woman is behaving like a hooker if she wants her boyfriend to buy her some flowers or treat her to a nice, surprising evening out to a nice restaurant to show her off and give her a chance to wear her best dress once in a while.

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