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Yesterday I was at an Easter get together and my BFs newlywed nephew was justa tellin' everyone how nasty the salad was that his wife made.."it has no flavor and the water chestnuts don't taste like anything and those bean sprouts don't taste like anything...blah blah blah"...I'd've kicked his *A* if he was my husband and said that to me!!!!! What a jerk!!!! Anyway, I thought it was excellent! I don't know why men act like this but it is a real reason for people getting divorced. I bet your DH was scared *S*less that you were going to divorce him so he's trying to be everything that he thinks that you want...heck, let him dote over you...everyone else is probably nagging their husbands that they don't dote over them like he does with you. It just seems that we always want what we don't have...I read a great line from a Therapist that went like this "Unrealistic expectations are the end of serenity".

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