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Well i will just say this before you read what i have to say and realize its not worth it. This is a typical high school thing, im 17 (i turn 18 next month) and she is 16 (turns 17 in just a few days). Not only that, but we have only been dating two weeks. So thats that, to alot of people these situations seem less valid than other situations, and i totally understand why.

Well yes, i realize its only been two weeks and i realize we are both young and its not going to last forever. But i just would like us to last as long as we possibly can together because this relationship is nothing like my past relationships. What i mean is my other girlfriends were well...easy, there is no nice way to say it, within 2 days of dating we would already be pretty far down the bases. Now i finally have a girlfriend that is smart, she wants to take it slow and actually thinks things out before it we do anything. I honestly have this respect for her, not just as a girl that i have feelings for, but just as a person in general. She is also a girl that likes to take some things romantically, and as sappy as it may sound, i have always wanted that, and now that i have an opporutunity i discovered im not too great at being romantic :rolleyes: . But i would honestly love our relationship to keep at this slow and steady pace, but i would also love it to last a little longer than my past ones (average 2-3 months). Problem is that im going to college next year but i will be living with my parents for another year, then im moving away, so that might put things on a time limit. Another thing is that we discussed cheating before, and i know she would never cheat on me, and i would never cheat on her but due to past experiences she is still building up her trust in me.

Well, thats what i want to tell her and i have said most of that to her before over time, but i just want to get it all out at once and find some way to summarize that into a few sentences, just to show her how much i care about her. Is this any way to do this?

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