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OK--so an update.....

He and I had the "talk" about the constant communication. I explained that he was SUCH a nice guy, and that I loved talking to him...he is funny and cool, and very supportive, etc... BUT that I was feeling myself pulling away, getting a bit smothered by it, etc.. He was the most honest, sincere listener. Asked questions at the appropriate times, making sure he was clear, etc.

Said he was so glad that I was honest with him. That I had always been such a talker, laugher, etc..when we talked, that he assumed he was giving what I needed after my past relationships. That he loved talking to me, that it brightened up his day, that I am on his mind so much and that he's been way too impulsive about it. He said he "got it" and was very understanding. Just loved how easy we could talk, and that we made very ggod friends right away which he thought was very important.

He has backed off. Majorly--but in a good way. My friends and I had a heck of a girls night on Friday and I just got one text from him all day that said, "have an awesome time careful, I want to see that beautiful face again." and that was it! Talked with him a lot yesterday, but it was b/c I called, sick as anything LOL, and wanted to chat all wrapped up in sweats on my couch. He is great to talk to.

Today I had a big problem w/ my son calling from his dads and wanting to come home. Of course I wanted him to, but his dad wouldnt let him, and he was crying on the phone to me. Too many issues there to even get in to, but the point is, I talked to Kev right afterward, and he was amazing. He has been thru all the same stuff, and always says the right thing eliquently. Validated, gave sound advice, was empathetic, etc..

So we are just gonna take it slow. He is fine with that, and so am I. I told him I really do feel as tho I deserve someone very kind, caring , and supportive in my life--that can be my best friend---and to try and be patient with me b/c I do not want to run. He was great with that and said, if I wanna see him, talk to him, great. If not, we will still be friends--and he fully supports me having my own life--totally apart from him. He said, "Do I think u r beautiful, funny, smart...well, hell yeah! lol...But I would love to have a beautiful, funny, smart friend!! They are hard to come by as well." sweet. Still like him...and he seems very responsive to be willing to meet me needs. I guess we'll see....

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