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Well, cheating doesn't necessarily mean you are an ugly person with no conscience. It could mean that, but not always. Often it has to do with immaturity (no matter how chronologically old you may be) and selfishness.

Normally we must always put ourselves first, but when you are in a relationship that means you often have to put your SO on the same level as yourself and consider them in many of the choices and decisions you make. Either you don't really love your boyfriend, OR you just did not stop to think about how much you love him. Because if you did, then you would not have plunged ahead into something that has the potential to hurt him more than anything else.

If you are going to continue your relationship, I agree that you should not be seeing your ex-boyfriend at all, for any reason. Whether or not to confess, I don't know what to say, because for everyone it is different. But if you want to make this or any other relationship work, you have to start thinking more of your SO, instead of blindly following impulses. Good luck...

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