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What does he want?
Apr 21, 2006
Ok, my turn to ask for some words of wisdom. My ex-boyfriend; not the one who left to study in a foreign country but the one after him (or in-between him, I should say), has contacted me again, after nearly a year of silence, allegedly to wish me a happy birthday, and to see how i'm doing. I didn't respond to him at all, but I wonder what his agenda is. Do you think people always have to have an agenda? We used to have incredible chemistry together and we got along extremely well, except that he's a commitmentphobe (like my other ex's). Do you think he could really be just friendly, or do you think he might want to take me for a spin once again? He hurt me tremendously in the past, and I gave him more than one chance, and yet he blew them all. The last time he tried to start something with me was also around my b-day, but nothing came out of it. He just didn't change, although he did say I had a lot of the qualities that a guy would want in a long-term partner. I was very angry with him and the last time I spoke to him, I told him exactly what I thought of him (and it wasn't pretty), and that I wished I had never met him. And yet, he still attempts to be "friendly" with me?? A year later??? I just don't get it...I hate to say that receiving a message from him almost gave me a heart attack. What's wrong with me? :o

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