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Hi there :wave:

Do you remember that other site I sent you a notice about awhile back? I'm really starting to think that online is the best way to meet guys, but that the traditional "dating" sites probably aren't. Sites where you can network through friends and acquaintances have made my life a lot more fun lately. Even if you don't come across someone you want to date, you can still meet up with old friends who can take you places where there are lots of premium guys. That one site I forwarded to you has been great...I actually worked up my nerve and wrote this guy from my college who seemed gorgeous and brilliant (he graduated a few years before me) maybe in January, and we've been seeing each other, I guess, ever since. I don't consider him my boyfriend or anything because I don't want one, which I let him know right off the bat, and we're both busy with other things. I've been traveling and socializing a lot and he's teaching high school, coaching several of their sports, and finishing up his phd this semester. Obviously he's a little more motivated than I am right now, though I am going back to grad school and as it turns out, he took a job in my home city for next year.

Well anyway, I like the guy, I think we like each other a lot, and I especially like that he's too busy to be all needy and demanding like a clingy boyfriend. And I don't think its coincidental that I met him through that site, which has also allowed me to reconnect with a lot of old friends and meet a lot of other guys who I like lately. I'm not sure if it'd work as well for people who want to date only one person and get serious, but I've been immensely pleased with the guys I'm meeting lately directly and indirectly through there. I also still use that one dating site sometimes, but I feel a little guilty about that because I'm not looking for my soulmate or whatever. I'm not really sure if I should feel guilty about seeing a lot of guys at once anyway but I think I'm not going to, because after all I never promised any of them anything. Right? I really hope it's okay just not to be a one-man kind of woman, because I have always failed miserably at that and trying to act accordingly makes me bored, frustrated, and claustrophobic.

Anyway enough about me, I don't mean to hijack your thread. I just definitely think that a single girl as smart and pretty as you in a big city has to be able to meet some guys she likes, and that if you're not, you could be by just trying something different. I actually know a bunch of cute and interesting guys in NYC--maybe we should go out when I'm visiting out by you? ;) I've definitely been giving some thought to a visit out there as I wouldn't mind hanging out with a few of them!

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