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Well, the first and third thing sound like traits that you were born with - not something you could so easily change. There doesn't seem much point worrying about them. In your girlfriend loves you, then things like being a tad clumsy and talking too fast are irrelevant. However, if you talk so fast that people have a hard time understanding what you saying, then it may be good to work on slowing down and becoming more comprehensible.

As for number two, well every women is going to have a different idea of what kind of man they find attractive. I've never even heard of Clive Owen...when it comes to actors, Diego Luna and Steve Zahn have long been my favorites. When I was a small girl and teenager, I was madly in love with Corey Feldman :cool: Being attracted to a movie actor or some other kind of celebrity is pretty arbitrary anyway. Two people can have completely different looks but still be alluring in their own way.

Don't worry so much about trying to twist who you are into something you think will be palatable. All you can do is be yourself, and those around you will either accept it or not. You don't want to go changing yourself or trying to squeeze into a mold for the benefit of others. Just be who you are, cultivate your own style...and if someone doesn't like it, then tough.

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