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I think your last sentence makes the most sense. My mother was a truly stunning woman too. I mean, she was simply gorgeous when she was young: she had a beautiful face, nice figure, and model-perfect legs. And yet, she had a horribly low self-esteem, and sadly, she never met a man who loved her or appreciated her enough :( Her life is so sad I want to cry when I think about it. She's in her mid 50s now and still alone; has been alone for many years; since her early 30s I believe. My mother, even though she was mean to me, was very nice and sweet to the guys she was in a relationship with. She was soo good to my sister's father. And yet, he took advantage of her good nature and left her with a small baby, out of the blue, with no explanation and no warning. My mother had been working so hard, practically supporting him, even though he was a healthy man, and what did she get from this? She even bought him a car with her hard earned money, which he wrecked soon after while drunk driving, and she even bailed him out of jail, to add insult to injury. I don't know why I'm saying all this. I think I now have a deep seated mistrust of men. Even hatered, perhaps? I wonder if there are any decent men left in this world.

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