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I definitely think attraction can grow. I've known guys in the past who I didn't find the least bit attracted to, until after getting to know their personality.
A person's personality can make an unattractive person very attractive.
[QUOTE=hardxcore216]The best relationship is when your attraction has to grow.
this way you can distinguish the difference between love and lust.
All my longest relationships stemmed from an attraction that developed over time.[/QUOTE]

I like your thoughts on this :) . I feel the same way. Recently, I have started to see a man who is a few years older than me: He's 32 years old, and I'm 26 years old. We get along very well. We have a lot in common, and we seem to share similar life goals. It's wonderful :D . I think that he's a truly sweet, intelligent, caring person, and I value that tremendously. One thing that I have found is that I, too, am finding him to be more physically appealing as I get to know him more and more. For example, I love his sensual brown eyes, and I have told him this. In fact, the other day, I could not stop thinking about his eyes--and getting a little warm under the collar, if you catch my meaning ;) --which prompted me to let him know, as I feel fairly comfortable with him already, and I talk often with him. For me, the more connected and appreciated that he makes me feel, the more physically attracted to him that I become...and, like some others, I have experienced the opposite where a very physically attractive person, in the beginning, becomes less and less attractive each time that I am near him. Indeed, a very interesting phenomenon... :)


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