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I don't see how anything can be wrong with can be really quite exciting, in fact! Two of my favorite experiences involved brief kisses with guys I barely knew. My first kiss ever, in fact, happened when I was waiting for the players to come out after a baseball game, when I spied this absolutely adorable cuban boy standing around not far away. I was giving him a "Wow, Holy ***** are you gorgeous" look and not long after he came up to me and asked for a kiss. A kiss? I would have sold my soul to the devil this guy was so beautiful. Unfortunately I was a dumb-as-rocks fifteen year old and the kiss turned out to be really PG. But it was still magical.

The other time there was this one guy at my club I'd been flirting with in a roundabout way for awhile. I had a boyfriend, I think, I don't know if we were together or not at the time, but eh. I would never have dated this guy, but he kind of a cutie. I was coming out of the bathroom one night and he happened to be coming around the corner. We were out of sight from the other patrons. We just stared at each other for a minute, then I kind of drifted up to him, and just laid one on him. It was awesome.

So go for it...this guy will probably have his socks knocked off! Life is short, so what the hell.
[QUOTE=Veronica_Mars]Don't worry, sweetie! No guy would think that a girl who liked him and kissed him was overly aggressive or cheap. Think about it from his point of view, it must be discouraging to have to do all the work, make all the moves, take all the risk of rejection. Guys have it tough in a lot of ways, which is why there is nothing they like better than when a girl helps them out by showing her interest. Now if you were constantly calling him and falling all over him, taking your clothes off, that would be a different story. But just a kiss? Trust me, it will make him feel great that you liked him enough to make a move. Even if he doesn't like you as more than a friend, wouldn't you rather know? And if he likes you back, why waste anymore time pretending you're not into each other?[/QUOTE]

Thank you Veronica_Mars for the soothing words,
Thing is, I've been very distant, shy and almost cold towards him so being this eager to kiss him might make him think I'm crazy! And Irealize he might get really scared...and I'm also really scared in approaching him. Like I said, I haven't even talked to him for nearly six months, won't he think I'm insane if I kiss him just before the end of the year? I think I left out a really big part of the story: he's graduating and will probably be leaving in about three weeks, so I have about three more opportunities to 'see' him. Should I just give up? It's probably not realistic. I know I have nothing to lose in a sense, but the thing is my personality is so painfully shy! I ran away from him and ignored him for ages, so he's been doing that too recently and I think I blew it. I lost my chance to even go near him so I can't go up to him the day before he leaves and say 'hi'. Thing is, what if I don't get over him and he'll be gone??

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